How is there infinite happiness in Moksh?

We often say that we want to get rid of all problems in our life and we want to go to Moksh. But what is the reason of infinite happiness there? Do we get a huge mansion, luxurious vehicles, exotic food, branded clothes, etc in Moksh? The answer is “No”! There are no material things there. There is no body but only SOUL. Bodily pleasures are temporary. They end after a time duration or we get bored of them after some time or we need a change. However pleasures of SOUL are permanent. For example, we do not eat, drink ,or watch TV, Mobile during sleep, still we feel Happy in sleep. But even that happiness is temporary. Happiness in Moksh is eternal and similar to sleep. We cannot explain it in words but only feel if.
Once we go to Moksh, we do not come back to this Sansar (worldly life) we get free from the cycle of birth and death.

Note: We do not believe in avatars of Tirthankars after they reach Moksh.