1. Mantra vidya owes its origin, development and success to India and it was from here that it gradually spread across the world. This Indian vidya is complete in itself. There is no exaggeration or distortion of facts.

2. Mantra gives the wandering mind a focal point. With the help of a mantra, the mind loses its smallness & becomes vast, the mind that is dissatisfied becomes content, & the mind that is constantly disturbed by desires is released from them & finds fulfillment.

3. A study postulates that chanting mantras can enlighten & purify the heart, mind, body & soul. It makes oneself & others happier and healthier, spread compassion, love, forgiveness & most importantly uplifts the spiritual standing.

4. Navkar Mantra is considered to be the most excellent of all mantras. It is a process of paying obeisance to five kinds of pure souls. It is the only mantra of its kind in the world, which is non-sectarian and is not based on a particular name of a Tirthankara or a religious order.

5. Navkar Mantra teaches us the art of living so that we can begin a pilgrimage for the liberation of our soul. It is not only a cure for all forms of ailments but it is also an instrument for the purification of human emotion. Thus it is a means not only for worldly success, health and happiness but it is also a means to attain our ultimate goal i.e. Moksh.