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Category: Books

Books, Saturday Suggests

The More of Less 

The more of less helps you…• Realize how all the stuff you own is keeping you from pursuing yours dreams• Recognize why you buy more than you need• Discover greater contentment, less envy, and more joy• Experience the joys of generosity• Learn why the best…

Books, Saturday Suggests

Faith Personified 

Along with Sulsa’s story, the book also demonstrates an ideal thought process suitable for a faithful devotee of Lord Mahavira. It also effectively elaborates on various principle of Jainism.Jainism: An ideology that can justify diverse view points.Jainism: A religion that stands on the foundation of…

Books, Saturday Suggests

Finish Line 

Measure of the shoes is determined by the feet…Measure of the hat is determined by the head…Measure of the spectacle is determined by the eyes…Measure of the clothes is determined by the body…Measure of the ring is determined by the finger…Measure of the food is…