Student: Does Atma (soul) exist? I believe in only what I see. If there is a soul, prove it!

Professor: Do you believe in intelligence?
Student: Sure, we can see that one man is more intelligent than another. Hence there is intelligence.

Professor: You can see the ‘intelligent man’, but can you see the ‘Intelligence’ itself?

Student: We can feel the presence of intelligence in ourselves. There is no question in not believing in something, when we can personally feel it.

Professor: This means the principle is not ‘Believe only what you see’ but instead it is ‘Believe what you feel’. Even headache can’t be seen but we can feel it. Similarly soul is that entity which can’t be seen but felt.. • What happens when one dies? The body is still there as intact as ever, but why does it stop functioning? What went away from the body? You have to believe in the existence of some entity other than the body. • Who taught new born babies how to drink milk ? who taught them to cry in times of adversities & to stay away from it. Who taught them to find shelter in mother’s lap ? Who taught them to focus on toys & attractive objects on spotting them??
• What is the reason for difference in character, intelligence, hobbies, thoughts, beliefs, feelings etc of twins born to the same parents?

You have to believe that an entity (The Atma) exist & is indestructible. The habits it has acquired from its previous births continue to come along with it in every life & they become visible immediately on birth..
• This sufficiently proves the existence of soul & its re-incarnation which many philosophers & scientists have also started believing.