Jainism gives red signal

Answer:- Jainism is not against happiness. In fact it shows a path to true happiness.

  • Thousand of birds loose their wings, neck or lives during the kite festivals. Many times even bike riders are injured due to threads of kites. Children running after kites are involved in accidents. Such an enjoyment at the stake of other’s lives cannot be termed as a source of happiness.
  • Holi festival mainly involves usage of colors and water. Usage of color is limited but water used to wash those colors or to clean the house, compound, car after Holi is enormous. When most of India is facing water shortage, how can we justify wastage of so much water?
  • Late night parties often involve drinking, inhaling drugs and also lead to uncivilized behavior beyond boundary. Cultured parents, civilized society and any cultured religion cannot allow such pleasure events.

Every men carrying a gun is not a murderer, some are policeman too. Rules and restrictions are not always punishment but they are also meant for security.