Corona & Jainism

Ultra tiny Corona Virus has challenged the most evolved creature of this planet i.e. the Human Race.

Jainism believes that for any event (Good or Bad) to happen there are five factors existing together called Panch Samvay. They are :

1. Swabhav : Nature, here it means, inherent virtue of the things
2. Kaal : Time
3. Karmas : Previous Karmas of an individual
4. Niyati : Destiny. No control of any individual on this
5. Purusharth: Efforts

Now let us understand Corona infection in relation to above five factors

Happening of Corona Pandemic is Destiny (Niyati – Factor No 4) and this was to happen at this time (Kaal – Factor No 2) due to many natural or unnatural forces acting together where there is no individual control. Now we being living organism, it is our nature (Swabhav – Factor No 1) that we are prone to get this disease. Now what will happen to us will depend upon our Past Karmas (Karmas – Factor No 3) and our present efforts (Purusharth – Factor No 5) to fight against this disease.

If we read these five factors again, we will realize that only factor which we can influence at present is “Efforts”. Hence we should just not think only on our previous Karmas but put all possible efforts to control this situation. We need to observe all the advisories given to us by health experts and government (i.e. a strict 21 days lockdown)

This is the time to introspect our existence, its purpose and the way of our life. Corona virus is an incidental / accidental trigger for this awakening.

Author: Dr. Bipin Doshi
(Jainology Teacher at University of Mumbai)