1) Doctors strictly prohibit consumption of sugar, sweets to a diabetic patient. They are not against the patient’s taste pleasure, but imposed restrictions for patient’s better health. If such restrictions are not imposed, then the patient will suffer more and may also result in loss of life.

2) Student ought to wear regular school uniform while attending the school, need to reach the school on time, follow all the rules, do required homework, appear for exams. Although, all these restrictions are like burden, students happily follow it. Because, these rules and restrictions are in place for his betterment.

3) Wise spiritual leaders have prohibited some food items with deep wisdom. It’s consumption either results in killing other creatures or spoiling our thoughts. Hence, these control measures should not be seen as restrictions, but safety.

a. Vehicle should be plied from left side of road
b. Signal shouldn’t be over jumped,
c. Vehicle can’t be driven, without valid licence
d. For doing any business, required licence needs to be obtained,
e. Required NOCs from Government agencies ought to be obtained before commencing any construction activity.
f. All above laws are not to harass citizens or make them unhappy but these are required to protect and prosper the citizens and the nation at large.

5) There is possibility of serving stale, adulterated food in the hotels, food carts. Moreover, while preparing it, care is not being taken to save other living beings. This unfairly preparation of food not only kills other creatures, but it is harmful for our health as well.

6) A person stopping us from consuming a tasty but poisonous milkshake is not our enemy but indeed a well-wisher. Similarly, Jainism which prohibits us to carry out such acts is indeed our soul’s true mate!

7) Wise spiritual leaders set the limits for food and drinks in view of happiness in this life and next life too. If one follows these limits, it will help achieve overall well being.

8) Religion is essentially a constitution structured for the upliftment & betterment of each & every soul. The conducts, actions, rituals and even prohibitions conscripted in the religion ultimately helps us attain pure happiness.