Why does Jainism oppose burning Fire Crackers?


Fire crackers spread noise pollution and air pollution to extreme levels. The smoke spread by burning crackers contains Sulphur dioxide and other poisonous chemical which pose danger to asthma patients, pregnant women, heart patient. Besides, there are numerous cases of burns and fires caused due to crackers.
Crackers may give pleasure for a short period of time but it comes at the cost of enormous amount of fear caused to birds and animals.
The chemicals used in cracker production causes serious health problems to the workers. Most of the workers are child labourers, risking their lives for inferior wages. Aren’t we fuelling child labour ?
We are concerned about Global Warming, Environment, promoting Eco-friendly & child labour free products but on the other hand we are burning crackers for our short lived happiness, Aren’t we being hypocrite?
Jainism is not against happiness but it is actually concerned about everyone’s happiness from tiny living creatures to humans.