What is Jain Sadhu's contribution towards society?


A research says that an average person emits 2 Ton carbons per year in the environment.
Jain Sadhu does not use Electricity in his whole life. Imagine how much carbon emissions are saved by a Sadhu in his whole life just though his lifestyle.
According to a research, an average person uses 135 L. of water per day. On the other hand a Jain Sadhu uses less than 10 liter of water per day. In days where there is scarcity of water everywhere, you might want to SALUTE them.
Today, whole world is tensed to solve global warming problems. To fight global warming, world observes Earth hour only once a year. Jain Sadhus (Monks) observe Earth hour for their whole life !

A Sadhu does not leave the worldly life just to become eco-friendly. But these are just like a by-product grass along with the actual crop which itself is huge enough to show their contribution towards the society.
Countless lives are changed by a Sadhu’s life style and preachings. Their preachings have led to innumerable humanitarian works, donations towards animal welfare. These contributions to the society are immeasurable.