Jain scriptures reject God as the creator of the universe. It says that God is not responsible for actions in the life of any living organism. 

This universe is not created nor sustained by anyone. Universe cannot end or begin with respect to time. The Universe is self-sufficient and can run on its own with respect to the cosmic laws. All forms of substances are either continuously modified or changed. There can be nothing that is created or destroyed in the Universe. There is no requirement for someone to create or destroy in order to manage the affairs of the Universe.

This should not be mistaken that Jainism considers the inexistence of God. It considers that God is not the creator but is considered to be perfect being. When a person is able to remove all his karmas, he/she gets liberated, stays in a blissful state in Moksh. As a God, He has knowledge, power, vision, and bliss that are infinite. This living being is considered to be a Tirthankar (God)

Can God create this world ?

  • What is the reason that God has to create a world and involve Himself in complication ?
  • God is so kind, then how can He create Hell and see living beings in Pain.
  • God is a pure soul and free from body then which body does He use to create the world and who created His body ?
  • If God is seen as a judge who gives sorrow to a living beings for his sins then why would He let anyone to commit sin in the first place. For example, if a police allows any person to commit a murder in front of his eyes then the police officer is guilty himself. Then would you call God also guilty ?
  • If you say God can not stop anyone from committing sins then He is cruel because the sinner will have to go to hell for his sins and God did not stop him from doing so.
  • We have to agree that God is not the creator of this world but He describes this world and world operates based on KARMA.

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