In Modern Management, Motivation is an important concept. There are two types of Motivations; one is Negative Motivation and other is Positive Motivation.

Generally, in the construction or other job work contracts Incentive and Penalty clause is incorporated. If work is satisfactorily completed and it meets the expectation level, then special incentive is paid whereas if performed work does not meet the expectation level then penalty is levied.

As per Government rules, thieves are penalised, or murderers are punished. Alike Government’s court, nature also has its own Court. Only those criminals whom police could find or whose crime is proved, get punishment in Government’s court. However, in Nature’s court, nobody’s crime remains hidden. In this court, smallest crime which can be at thinking level also gets recorded and accordingly punished.

There is nothing wrong if advocate explains Government’s rule to the common man and informs related provision of punishment if those crimes are committed. Similarly, there is nothing wrong if spiritual leaders explain provisions of Nature’s Court and restrict the people in committing such crimes / sins.

Doctor informs patient that consumption of ice cream will lead to cold, pneumonia. Ayurvedic doctors tells that excess consumption of chickpeas/ pulses may lead to gastric diseases, excess consumption of spicy, fried food will lead to acidity.

Sign boards cautioning ‘Accident Zone’ installed on highways are not to scare the drivers but to caution them while driving. Driver honks the horn to warn the traffic and not to irritate the traffic. Signage available at Bungalow entrance mentioning ‘Beware of Dogs’ is not to scare the visitors, but it is to caution them.

It is common sense that ‘As you Sow, so shall you Reap’. Good deeds return in good way and bad deeds returns in bad way. But what can be termed as good deeds? The things which are not termed as bad in worldly life may be bad in Religious beliefs e.g. consumption of tuber roots or eating post sunset etc. are not prohibited in worldly life but are prohibited in religious beliefs.

Thus when religion shows restrictions, it should not be looked upon as restrictions but as protection of our Soul. It saves our Soul from punishments (Karmas).