Jainism: Five Samavaays

Jain philosophy does not consider these five from a single point of view; nor does it consider anyone of them as the only right one. The Jain philosophy considers their collective effect as valid and right. Whole truth can be understood only if all the five are considered as existent. Also the Jain philosophy puts more emphasis on self-effort (Purushaarth), because the self-effort is the only one in our control. The self-effort can change one’s Karma. The self-effort can eradicate the Karma. Purushaarth of past = Karma of present and Purushaarth of present = Karma of future. If we continue to put self-effort to shed our Karma, our destiny will improve, it will get more desirable nature, and that can happen sooner depending upon the eradication of Karma. But we must understand that it takes all the five causes for any action to take place.